UVision 360

Company Overview

Company Overview



UVision360... Focused on Enabling Office Hysteroscopy

UVision360 has created a simplified, all-in-one hysteroscopy system to support the market shift to office based procedures.  We accomplish this through employing the latest in high-tech optics and our understanding of the clinicians' behavior and practice.  Our system enables the over 6 million diagnostic and operative procedures that currently occur in a hospital setting to now be performed in the office.

High Definition Simplification

The UVision360 hysteroscopy system provides the key elements that physicians desire for office-based procedures, at a price 4-5 times less than larger systems, with no software licenses or maintenance contracts. 

The key system features include:

  • A semi-rigid, 2.2 mm scope specifically designed with
    • The latest CMOS micro-technology, with high resolution, high definition and depth of view up to 30mm
    • A balanced flexibility that physicians need for optimal viewing
    • Robust outer covering to withstand normal use and disinfections procedures
  • A disposable cannula system with:
    • An introducer that completely covers the scope, thereby minimizing the chance of contact with bodily fluids and reducing scope contamination; and includes a continuous flow and operative channels.  This allows therapeutic procedures, such as biopsies and polypectomies to be completed with visualization.
    • A rotating sheath that slides easily on the introducer.  This simplified viewer facilitates the 360° view of the uterine cavity.
  • Visualization software allows physicians to use equipment already in the office
    • Viewing via HDMI to monitors or USB 3.0 for computer systems.  
    • Plug and play embedded software for easy use.

Partnering with North Carolina Companies

We are located at First Flight Venture Center, 2 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
We partner with US based manufacturers, most of whom are also located in North Carolina.