UVision 360

Product Overview

Product Overview



The UVision360 system

UVision360’s hysteroscopy system has been designed with both patients and physicians in mind. This patented, complete office-based system will allow for both diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy.

Superior Technology that may Facilitate Faster Procedural and Recovery Times Plus Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

  • High-Definition, High Resolution Optics
  • A 360° steerable cannula that enables full view of the cavity, uterus or bladder
  • Mini-scope = 2.2mm and with the single-use cannula system ~5.5mm
  • Operative channel to enable therapeutic procedures such as sterilization or biopsy
  • Continuous flow without the need for a flowmeter or fluid management system
  • Virtually no potential of patient cross contamination with the disposable cannula system and convenient cleaning protocol for the reusable scope.