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Product Overview

Product Overview



The Luminelle DTx Hysteroscopy System

The Luminelle DTx Hysteroscopy System has been designed with both patients and physicians in mind. This patent-pending, complete office-based system will allow for both diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy.

Leading-Edge Technology that may Facilitate Faster Procedural and Recovery Times Plus Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

The key system features include:

  • A flexible 2.0 mm scope specifically designed with:
    • The latest CMOS micro-technology. with high resolution, high definition and depth of view of 45-55 mm
    • Ergonomically designed handle physicians need for optimal technique
    • Robust outer covering to withstand normal use, sterilization and disinfection procedures
  • A two-part single use protective sheath:
    • The Introducer fully encompasses the scope, thereby protecting the scope and minimizing the chance of contact with bodily fluids by reducing scope contamination.  It includes an operative channel to enable therapeutic procedures, such as biopsies and polypectomies to be completed with visualization.  The Introducer also has separate fluid in-flow and out-flow channels to better manage your fluid.
    • The 360° Rotating sheath slides easily on the Introducer. This simplified viewer facilitates the 360° view of the uterine cavity.
  • Our visualization software is specifically designed for use in the female reproductive and urinary organs.
    • Auto-adjusting lighting for easier viewing of these spaces
    • Viewing via HDMI to monitors or USB 3.0 for PC or Mac systems allows physicians  to  use equipment  already in the  office